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Monday 21st April | 20:40
Last week we left our participants struggling to find a place where to sleep for the night in the bustling city of Hanoi. The participants ended up in a Buddhist Pagoda were they slept on the cold floor for the night.

As soon as they hit the road, Liquorish gives the participants a transparent backpack filled with mouth-watering goodies, snacks, chocolate cookies and drinks together with a mobile phone. These items can only be opened once during the whole adventure. During this programme we will discover who the participants voted for and who will be eliminated. Liquorish will allow the group to experience some of the most unique experiences of Vietnam.

The participants are currently living in Hanoi. A breathtaking city, renowned for the magnificent monuments. The participants will have to each ride a bicycle and try to find their way along the roads. Last week Andrea announced the much-talked about revelation, the total number of participants will be 14 not 12 and 2 new participants will be joining the rest of the team in Vietnam during the upcoming show.

Liquorish – Monday 20:35 on ONE.

For more info log on to www.liquorish.tv and www.facebook.com/liquorishadventure.
About the Show
Liquorish… The adventure is back for the 10th year! Liquorish is all about a group of strangers, who are sent to an undisclosed destination without any of the common necessities one is accustomed to. Participants are stripped to the basic survival equipment, without any excess to watches, mobiles, music devices. Liquorish even controls the luggage weight, water and food provision. Participants take a leap into the unknown as they are left in the blind as to where they are going and what will happen. Cameras chase the participants 24/7 filming their every move, their strives and their struggles while doing extreme challenges making this experience an even tougher one.

For the past 10 years Liquorish has visited some of the most spectacular countries, by visiting villages that only the boldest travelers dare to visit. This year will be no exception as Liquorish will once again bring a breath of fresh air to local television by visiting yet another magnificent countries.

Liquorish has travelled a long way since the first edition in 2004. Year after year Liquorish has sought to visit terrain and destinations foreign to the average traveler who is not brave enough to seek an adventure. Up to this year the programme has visited Thailand, Brazil, India, South Africa, Namibia, Malaysia and Borneo, Madagascar and Mauritius, Morocco, and last year Guatemala. This year the producers have yet another breath taking destination up their sleeve which will be taking us to the other side of the globe.
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