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Thursday 17th April | 21:45
This week during Ilsien in-Nisa we face the fact and reality of when our loved ones pass away with cancer. We speak with two guests who have just gone through this a few months ago; Dr Peter Muscat, who lost his admirable wife Helen to breast Cancer last September and Karen Magro, whose husband, soul mate & much more, lost his battle after 6 years.

Whilst the reality of death is a sad one, the programme will promote the courage and positivity these people have. In fact we will be joined by Jimmy Busuttil, a main actor in the film Simshar, who discovered he was sick with cancer as filming was wrapping up! He speaks with a lot of courage and inspiration about his way of coping and living with this reality so present in his life.
About the Show
This season promises to bring us back to the successful season of the much loved show Ilsien in-Nisa dominating the Thursday evening time band.

We are fresher than ever with a vamped up set amongst other new things so be sure not to miss one single programme of this down to earth chat show with cutting edge moments, spiced up with the individual characters that come together every Thursday at 21:45 on ONE!
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